Wine, Women, Writing and Whatever!

Welcome to my personal website! I’ve been thinking about what connects us as women and writers and/or whatever. It’s the wine! Sure it is. Sipping wine together and talking things over makes us all feel good. It makes us feel like we belong, and we do belong. It doesn’t matter the topic. A few women can get together and the world is our oyster, so to speak. We can cover a range of topics, sometimes at once, and all be able to follow along swimmingly. We are just that good!

So I wanted a website that brings women together. We all have talents and it will be amazing to share those talents. Of course, my talent is as a writer and I will offer articles on writing and support for the would-be writers out there. We can talk writing. We can talk about your talent. We can talk about anything. As a matter of fact, my first posting is on Making a Difference in 2018. We are just getting started, but you’ll love it here. I’ll add videos of friends sipping wine and talking about the latest topic.

Do you have a favorite wine, tell us about it and why you love it. Do you have a talent you want to develop, tell us about it and we’ll help to get you started. Stay tuned. I’ll probably edit this page as we get going. For now, I wanted to get something on here so you have an idea of the direction I’m going in…and taking you with me!

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Wine Between the Lines