Your Novel Writing Roadmap Found Here – 16 Elements of Story

Are you dreaming of novel writing? Many writers long to write a novel, perhaps having it at the back of their mind as they go through life earning their living with that safe job. They’ve put their dream on hold, telling themselves that they are trading in their real ambitions for security.

If you are one of these people, I want to encourage you to take that dream off the shelf, dust it off and put it into an action plan. Hang onto that secure job, we all need to earn a living, but don’t save pursuing your dream for some future time.

Why “Now” is a Good time to Write a Novel

Why not write that novel now, in your spare time. I know, I know, you are now asking, “What spare time?” But for many, the truth is that they have some spare time to do something that they enjoy and they use the old, “I don’t have time for this or that” for one reason: fear. For a writer, fear of failing is often spurred on by the feeling that they don’t know the first thing about getting words on paper.

Exercise Your Creativity

By putting your writing dreams and talents in motion (as with pen to paper or fingertips to keyboard), you are already strong and brave and are quite possibly beginning a process that will reward you for the mere pleasure of having painted pictures with words, if not a completed novel. This is not failing. This is bringing your creativity to life.

Write for the pleasure of writing. Don’t think about whether or not you will be published –and hopefully, your completed novel will be published – write to bring the dream of novel writing to life and for that reason only.

Roadmap Provided

Many writers want to see a roadmap of sorts, something they can rely on to get them started writing with some hope of

finishing a full-length novel. They just quite simply don’t know where to begin. Fortunately, this is a curable condition. I know, because when I first began to write, I had no idea of where to begin either. It had always been on my mind to write a novel. Since I was a child, I had repeatedly told anyone who would listen that I was going to write a novel someday. But when it came right down to it, I had no idea what that meant. So, I read books on writing techniques and applied them, and kept applying them until I had written my first novel, then a second, and so on. So, if I can do it, so can you. And I’m going to help you.

Oil Your Novel Writing Engine with Powerful Elements

Some basic elements and guidelines of novel writing, when practiced, make novel writing easier by providing that longed-for roadmap to developing a great novel. It’s not that you can’t get started writing a novel before implementing the guidelines – because you can put a pen to paper or peck out the letters on your keyboard before applying the elements. It’s just that, at some point, if you want to have a story that moves and characters and dialogue that help you move it, you will want to know the elements of great novel writing.

So, come on in! You will find articles with tips for getting started on that novel or greatly enhancing the one you’ve already begun. You will be glad you took your dream off the back shelf. Start at the beginning of the articles or hop around to the subjects that interest you most, either way, use these articles and tips as a reference or a “road map” for your novel writing experience.

16 Hot Elements of Novel Writing That Make a Novel Sizzle

  1. Finding a Good Story – in this article, you will learn about some of the best places for finding novel ideas.
  1. How to Start Writing a Novel – learn about the process of writing.
  1. Selecting Genre – learn the key to writing the 10 most popular types of novels
  1. How to Plot Your Novel – a plot is a plan of action that moves the story forward, learn how to create one.
  1. How to Create a Potent Sub-plot for Your Novel – learn the reason for having a subplot and how to incorporate one into your story.
  1. How to Outline Your Novel – learn why writers outline and how it’s done.
  1. How to Find Your Writing Voice – learn the different types of voice and how to apply them to your story.
  1. How to Select a Point of View for your novel – learn the differences between styles of POV and how to select the best one for your story.
  1. How to Establish Story Setting – learn what atmosphere, time and place do for a story and how to create it effectively.
  1. How to Captivate Readers with Descriptive Writing – learn to use effectively use words and descriptions to move your story forward.
  1. How to Develop Unforgettable Characters for Your Novel – learn how to develop memorable character traits and sustain them throughout the novel.
  1. How to Create Character Emotion – learn ways to portray your characters feelings and evoke emotional responses in readers.
  1. How to Write Dialogue – learn how the effective use of dialogue moves a story forward.
  1. Novel Scene Structure – learn techniques for constructing your novel’s paragraphs and chapters that offer readers a smooth transition and keeps them reading.
  1. How to Write Beginnings, Middles, and Ends – learn the importance of and how to construct the beginning, middle, and end of your novel.
  1. How to Revise Your Novel – learn techniques for editing and revising your novel to tighten the story and make it flow like a novel readers can’t put down.

Please share your novel writing techniques with me in the comments section below – I’d love to hear what works well for you!


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