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Peripheral View

Peripheral View is novel of love, courage, and triumph of the human spirit. Inspired by a true story that had to be written. Get your e-reader copy here: Peripheral View. If you would like an autographed copy, please contact me!

Book Flap: Pearl and Sonny are in love and are determined to get married, which shouldn’t be an impossible endeavor for two single, employed adults. But Pearl and Sonny have obstacles. Despite her intelligence and obvious capacity for self-sufficiency, Pearl has lived in a healthcare facility her entire adult life because of the epilepsy she’s had since childhood. And Sonny lives life in a slower and simpler realm. People wonder if he can take care of himself, let alone Pearl.

However, with the help of a nurse who isn’t afraid to take some chances, a perceptive social worker, and Pearl’s loving, long-lost niece, Sonny and Pearl seem to be on the road to a wedding and a life of their own. Unfortunately, some people with selfish interests are hiding in the shadows and are determined to keep Sonny and Pearl separate—and Pearl in the healthcare facility.

As friendships form and strengthen, Pearl uses her wit and knowledge to help others see beyond a peripheral view.

Cover 2 Edited for size (500x800)Intimate Murder – Coming Soon!

How far would you go to help a child?  When Police Detective Jennifer Strand takes on the case of a missing teenager there is no doubt that someone should have done something, a long time ago.  Strand is a capable and compassionate detective, a heroine, most often found looking out for women and children and bringing their violators to justice.  In INTIMATE MURDER, Strand and her partner Max McFerran probe into the harrowing case of Lissy Atwood, a teenager with a vulnerable past, gone missing, found dead.  Little does she know that the case will grip onto her heart, wield her down a whirlwind path of emotion, and leave her struggling to keep her own rage under control.  In this emotional novel of mystery and suspense, Lissy was an honor student, a track star, and the darling of her drama class; yet, beneath that glistening image lie dismal clues to an existence rife with turmoil.  Thus ignites Strand’s fiery and determined investigation into the convoluted lives of those closest to Lissy, one of whom murdered her.

Intimate Revenge — Coming Soon to a website near you! (This one, to be exact. 😉 )


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