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Celebrating IWD – 17 Quotes from Inspirational Women

pexels-photo-431722.jpegToday, March 8, is International Women’s Day and it sits within Women’s History Month, so I wanted to take time to recognize these events. International Women’s Day has political connotations, and I’m not interested in going there, but I do want to give you a brief background on both of these proclamations, as well as recognize some great women via their quotes, chosen for their inspirational nature. This accomplishes two things: it celebrates women but keeps it light.

I have some wonderful men who follow me, so I want to mention that there is also an International Men’s Day. Yay! It’s celebrated worldwide (60 countries) every year on November 19. We’ll do quotes by great men at that time.

IWD – A Bit of History

A world-wide event, International Women’s Day (IWD) celebrates achievements made by women in nearly any realm but often covers political or social aspects. Gender equality is of great importance when regarding these achievements. The day is with artistic performances, rallies, networking events, marches, and conferences.

IWD is not an “organization” by itself but brings together a myriad of entities: women’s groups, governments, corporations, charities, etc. It has its root in the 15,000 women’s march through New York City as women Continue reading Celebrating IWD – 17 Quotes from Inspirational Women