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I’ve never enjoyed setting up the About Me page. Perhaps to the surprise of many, I don’t like talking about myself. I’d much rather talk about you. At the very least, I’d rather have an exchange of things about “us”. Blatantly talking about myself, is not so easy. However, I understand how viewers want to know who they are checking in on, so here goes! 🙂

I’m a writer, editor and writing coach. I love wine, talking with other women, encouraging people to believe in themselves, and I like to make soap. Yes, soap. I love all the fragrances and essential oils. They make my house smell so nice! I also love seeing something I’ve made from scratch change into something useable.

For over twenty years, I worked in corporate America, but, alas, I wanted to write. It’s been my passion since I was little. My second-grade teacher told my mother that I was going to be a writer someday. Why my mother never mentioned this until I was over 40 years old, I don’t know.  Haha! It could possibly be the fact that she was raising 6 children and teaching full-time. Just a guess.

I love words, twisting, turning them until they express the feeling I want to convey to my readers. A great quote on this comes from E. L. Doctorow:

“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader – not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.”

Nice, huh? I think so too.

I’ve had a website for writers that some of you might remember. It was called Writania and had everything you can imagine on the topic of writing. I wrote many of the articles but also featured subject matter experts. The SMEs and I covered elements of writing a novel to publishing and everything in between. Watch for many of those helpful articles to be posted here.

I have written several books, and I will feature them here on my website. The first published book is “Peripheral View” and it’s quite different from the other books I’ve written or am in the process of writing. Peripheral View was inspired by a true story and had to be written. While it is a work of fiction, elements of social injustice is a theme in its makeup that can’t be ignored.

Two of my novels are crime mysteries: Intimate Murder and Intimate Revenge. They feature Detective Jennifer Strand and her partner Max McFerran. These two are yet to be published, but you may find them available here soon. Two other novels are in progress and yet to be written. They will be in the romantic suspense genre.

I have a daughter – my beloved, Lexa. The greatest blessing of my life. She’s off to college now, but I’m fortunate that we text or call each other nearly every day. I don’t think I could’ve survived her leaving home without the use of technology. My God, how did people do it? I won’t say too much about her because she doesn’t like to be the center of attention. I can just hear her, “Mom!”. You who know us, know what I’m talking about. You’ve heard it. But I will say that words cannot describe how much I love her–no matter how much I twist and turn them.

My dog Bailey is the sweetest thing, albeit a whiner. She whines if she’s not sitting on my lap and has been replaced by my laptop. She whines if I haven’t tickled her tummy enough. She whines when she wants to go out, she whines when she wants to stay in. She’s a lot of work, but I love her.

I hope you have found something interesting here and will leave me a comment–about you. Do you write too? Do you make soap? Do you have a beloved child? Do you have a beloved dog? Let’s talk!




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